Paladina for Cigna Members

Save Time and Money with Paladina Health

Paladina Health locations offer one-stop health shop to treat 80-90% of your health needs. Especially important for Cigna members who don’t live near in-network facilities, Paladina offers a high quality, cost-effective, and time-effective primary care solution.

Please note: Paladina will not show in Cigna’s network. However, Paladina is a covered and cost-effective option for Cigna members.

Here’s a snapshot of what Paladina offers on location:

  • Primary, urgent, and preventive care
  • Pediatrics, including well-child visits
  • Referral management and care coordination
  • Onsite labs and prescriptions (most locations)
  • Active management of chronic diseases
  • Basic vision and hearing screening (most locations)
  • Fitness and nutrition coaching

Please note: Paladina is only available to Cigna members.

Enroll at or call Paladina Member Services at 866-808-6005.

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